10 Reasons Why Men Become Gynaecologists


How do men decide that they want to become gynaecologists? It is, without a doubt, an interesting question. Some may know the answer – or think they do – but for the rest of us who are in the dark, here are 10 reasons for this unique specialty choice.

1. Women make good patients

Most male gynaecologists appreciate the fact that female patients make better patients than men. They are much more direct with their problems. They know how they are feeling and are not afraid to speak up to the doctors. It is one of the reasons why male gynaecologists enjoy the process of having only female patients. It makes their job easier and they do not have to rack up their brains that much on how to get their patients to listen to them. In general, women also tend to take better care of themselves compared to the men.

2. OB/GYN is a better option

For some men, it is a better option to graduate as gynaecologists. The reason is that rarely does their work include taking care of sickness or even death. For these male gynaecologists, it is all about life and family. There are some doctors, who think that women’s health care is much more important than that of men. At least, according to them, it is much easier to prevent and fix any health issue in that area. Male gynaecologists also claim that they get the chance to make a direct impact in the patient’s life. Compared to other sections of medicine, most of the time, the results are in the favour of gynaecologists.

3. Comfortable around women

The choice of being a gynaecologist for a lot of men includes the reason that they are much more comfortable in the presence of women than that of men. In other words, they grew up being surrounded by women and were familiar with the problems surrounding them in this area, which included hormones, oestrogen, and ovulation. To many gynaecologists, it is considered an honour for them to be involved in a meaningful part of a woman’s health.

4. Miracle of birth

Many male gynaecologists claim that the reason they chose this field is because they get to be part of and witness the miracle of birth. It seems that while going for a major in medical school, the thought of helping to bring a life to this world appealed greatly to them. The beauty of bringing a life into this world mattered more to them, as the experience is profound and humbling.

5. Genuine care of women

Men are of the belief that they want women to know that they genuinely care and understand what women go through, which is why they choose to become gynaecologists!

6. Fun to be a gynaecologist

Other areas of specialties in the medical world can be considered stressing to many male doctors. It seems that being a gynaecologist was considered as the most fun specialty and also for those who do not want to get into complicated specialities. The most attractive reason for them is that the patients are healthy and practice good hygiene. According to them, the fact that they get to deliver baby is also a cool factor.

7. Death phobia

Many male gynaecologists decide that this is their calling in life as it rarely involves death .Their work includes mainly healthy patients and young women, who are looking forward to giving birth.

8. An enjoyable learning process

Curiosity killed the cat, but in the case of male doctors, it was curiosity that led them to study more about pregnancy, menstruation, menopause, etc. To them, it was interesting to learn more about the things that most men are curious about and are unable to do anything about. However, male doctors not only get to learn, but also get to help their female patients with health problems relating to this area.

9. Solid working hours

One of the most attractive reasons for male doctors to become gynaecologists is the solid working hours. Unlike other areas of specialties, gynaecologists do not have to work around the clock or work so hard that their lifestyle suffers.

10. Making the ladies listen

As strange as it sounds, some male gynaecologists do enjoy their profession because it makes women stand up and take notice of them. Whether it is at a party or the consultation room, patients are eager to listen to their male gynaecologists and hear advice they have for them. Believe it or not, male gynaecologists often do not mind if they are asked for free advice outside their consultation room or working hours. For them, it is the one chance they have to make a woman listen! MIMS

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